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Transboundary or Transfrontier Pollution

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This is pollution that is generated in one country and is carried via air or water to another country where it causes damage, illness or nuisance. The only way to solve this kind of pollution problem is by international agreement and combined environmental education and awareness to reduce pollution levels. It has been demonstrated that much of the pollution that is killing off (and has killed off in the past) many of the forests in Scandinavia, comes from the industrial areas of northern England.

The Chernobyl nuclear disaster in 1986 caused clouds of radiation contaminated particles to drift over Scandinavia and has resulted in elevated cancer levels in those countries, as well as the need to slaughter thousands of cattle because of elevated radiation levels in their milk. It has been said that the world has become a global village where communication, trade and access have become close and easy. Transfrontier pollution has always been a problem and requires serious management to prevent pollution generators from moving their problems from one country to the next.

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