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Atmospheric Pollution

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Pollutants released into the atmosphere cause many disturbances to the natural balance of atmospheric systems. These disturbances include: ozone depletion (caused by CFCs), acid rain (caused by excessive sulphur oxides), global warming (caused by increased carbon dioxide from fuel combustion), particulates (caused by combustion and desertification and resulting in climate change through reflection of incoming solar radiation by particulates) and climate change (temperature changes).

The atmosphere is the earth’s life support system and needs to be treated carefully. Pollutants come from sources such as car exhausts, industrial emissions, fires and chemical processes in industries. We need to reduce atmospheric pollution to become more sustainable because continued pollution of our planet’s life support systems will have severe impacts on the quality of life and environment of present and future generations.

Atmospheric pollution causes imbalances in the atmosphere. Whilst there appears to be the capacity to manage those imbalances within the atmosphere, it is not known how long this capacity will last. It is important to ensure that atmospheric pollution is reduced through the better management of wastes and the development of cleaner production programmes in industry.

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