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( Article Type: Opinion )

Conservation used to be the term used to describe the management of game reserves and parks for the purpose of recreation and protection of fl ora and fauna.
The modern-day understanding of conservation relates to the wise management of natural resources to ensure the credibility and survival of diverse species within their natural habitat. It is gradually extending to cover the industrial and commercial context of environmental concerns as well. Conservation and protection of the vital biodiversity of the species on earth is a vital function. The loss of species represents an unacceptable drop in the available gene pool and the potentially irreplaceable loss of species that could provide the bases for the curing of HIV/Aids or the drug that provides the answer to prevent the human body rejecting a donor heart.

Modern users of the term, ‘conservation’ see it as covering a very broad area of interest that ranges from managing animals, right up to reviewing Environmental Impact Assessments as an interested and affected party in a stakeholder meeting. Conservation is one of the key action strategies that form a part of the philosophical and practical approach to implementing sustainable development.