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Contact: Tshilidzi Timothy Mudzielwana - CEO

Fulwana Planning Consultants strive to provide an attractive range of Planning and development services designed to build an environment that is sustainable for the livelihood of inhabitants.
We will achieve this by optimum use of technology, available resources and other resources.The firm strives to give quality advice, consulting service to Government, Private entities, parastatals, CBO`s, NGO`s and even to the community level.Planning at FPC is done with the people not for the people. Fulwana Planning Consultants Cc posses’ extensive technological infrastructure and professional capacity to render high quality and reliable professional service in line with quality standards set by the South African Council for Planners (SACPLAN) Services:
• Greenfield Development
• Brownfield Development
• Settlement Extension
• Settlement Upgrading
• Disaster Management Plans
• Waste Management Plans
• Environmental Management Plans
• Local Area Development Plans