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Primwood Products


PO BOX 5013
Western Cape
South Africa

Tel: 028 284 9000
Cellphone: 082 320 7991
Fax: 0866 774 247
Contact: Alex van Niekerk ~ Owner

The process of manufacturing Primwood converts waste plastic into a maintenance free, very useable product. Our product withstands the severest weather without the hassle of maintenance. It cannot rot or rust like wood and metal. Primwood Products can last a lifetime and be put to good use. Recycled plastic is one of the biggest problem products because it does not easily de-generate. We use that disadvantage as an advantage for our Products. We also use a small percentage of sawdust in our products, which is another problem product that is often not even accepted at dump sites.

Less forests need to be chopped down for wood when you use a Primwood Product.

The applications for our product is almost limitless. Anything that you want to leave out in the weather and still want it to last, this is the solution.

We do decks, boardwalks, jungle gyms and a variety of garden furniture and many bespoke products according to the client's specifications.

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Mobile: 082 879 0040