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Riso Africa


PO Box 1606
South Africa

Tel: 011 314 0562
Fax: 011 314 0700
Contact: Sonia Anderson ~ Marketing & Environmental Manager

When it comes to printing, factors such as supporting sustainably sourced paper stock, and duplex printing have become par for the course. However, the high energy draw of the equipment itself is often overlooked.

RISO duplicators and copiers provide superior energy performance, as evidenced by awards such as the Climate Change Leadership Award, Eco Warrior, and BERTL awards.

Our high-speed full colour inkjet EcoCopiers draw a maximum of 400W at full speed of 150 pages per minute, and our base model duplicator draws a mere 110W at 90 pages per minute. The low power draw translates into direct energy savings which benefits both the environment and the budget. Thanks to this, we are also able to combine technology and nature with completely off-the-grid printing solutions.

RISO is also home to the world’s first solar powered printing solution… RISOLAR. Print anywhere… anytime… just add sunshine.

The development of Risolar has also led to a drastic rethink on our product offering, and has motivated us to develop alternative power solutions for our entire range…

Welcome to the Risolar system. Own telescope and spacecraft not required!