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I am Changing the World Trust

P O Box
1238 Gallo Manor 2052


Tel: +27 82 602 6112
Cellphone: +27 82 602 6112
Fax: 086 543 8315
Contact: Sonia Berisford-Murray

We deliver free educational programs to youth and young adults-in-need as well as information and motivation to the enabled market, ensuring that we are all doing our bit to better the world.

Our holistic educational solution to those in need covers the areas of:

* Academics
*Inner Life skills
* Entrepreneurship
* Social responsibility and impact
* Environmental responsibility and impact

Our programs are run with iACTw volunteers or corporate volunteers from sponsoring companies. In this way we are not only delivering quality education to those that need it, but are also working towards fostering an open community Sustainability and measurability are not just words to us; every program we run has full live-time online reporting from our volunteers as well as feedback from the learner.