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Akwadoc Water Recycling Solutions


PO Box 48499
Western Cape
South Africa

Cellphone: 072 084 1441
Fax: 088 021 783 1999
Contact: Andre Baas ~ Director

Grey Water Recycling with PONTOS© puts money back in your wallet and makes ecological sense too

Akwadoc (Pty) Ltd is the appointed executive reseller of Hansgrohe's Pontos AquaCycle water recycling products in Southern Africa. Together with Hansgrohe in South Africa and Hansgrohe AG in Germany, we provide quality solutions with solid backup. We are committed to providing excellence in sales, solutions specifications, installation, commissioning and after-sales support.

The PONTOS© AquaCycle is developed by PONTOS – a subsidiary of Hansgrohe, one of Europe's most renowned and innovative companies in the field of sanitary appliances.

The PONTOS© AquaCycle recycles and cleans greywater from baths, showers and hand-basins - so that it can be used a 2nd time - providing water savings up to 50%. The water can be applied to toilet flushing, irrigation, and other general cleaning applications.

The features include low maintenance, low operating costs, chemical free, fully automatic operation, and consistent high quality water. The cleaning of the water is achieved through a patented four-stage biochemical process that includes mechanical filtration, bio-culture cleaning and UV-lamp disinfection.

With recycling capacities from 600 to over 50, 000 litres per day, the PONTOS AquaCycle can be tailored for residential homes, guest houses, hotels, game lodges, schools, campuses, housing developments, apartment buildings and office developments.

Additional Contacts:

Detlev Traut
082 903 4457