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Cape Brick

PO Box 105
Paarden Eiland
Western Cape
South Africa

Tel: 021 511 2006
Fax: 021 510 2172
Contact: Jaco Gildenhuys

Cape Brick are manufacturers of quality concrete bricks, blocks, retaining wall blocks and decking blocks, all made from recycled materials. We buy construction and demolitions rubble form the demolition companies and then crush, sieve and sort this into recycled crushed aggregate. This in turn is used as the main ingredient in the manufacture of our products. Our products have been tested and found to have the lowest embodied energy as well as the lowest level of carbon dioxide emissions of any conventional masonry products commercially available to the market in South Africa.

They comply with the SABS 1215 code for concrete masonry and the NHBRC, and are endorsed by the Concrete Manufacturers Association. All of this at no extra cost and no compromise in quality standards, while at the same time saving transport and manufacturing energy, reducing the mining impact on the environment, reducing the pressure on landfill dumping sites and promoting sustainable development. Used as the product of choice in several sustainable developments including "The Green building" in Cape Town, these products have shown that is it possible to make a difference just by choice of materials.