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Renaissance Environmental Hub


PO Box 2889
Free State
South Africa

Tel: 016 973 3014
Cellphone: 083 633 4487
Fax: 086 663 4871
Contact: Alétia

REH provides a wide range of specialised consultative toxicology services related to the evaluation and monitoring of chemicals, contaminants, industrial effluents, and environmental effects. We are committed to excellence in providing environmental toxicology services for our clients. Our goal is to provide scientifically sound data and professional support to assist our clients in meeting their environmental requirements in an efficient and consistent manner. concerns are addresses from an objective non-biased perspective.

Our services include:

  • Site specific aquatic toxicity evaluation
  • Test method development
  • Effluent characterisation and identification
  • Biomonitoring
  • Toxicity data interpretation & reporting
  • Toxicity reduction & evaluation
  • Comprehensive literature reviews
  • Biodegradable studies
  • Product modelling using EPA software
  • Supplying of ecotoxicological information for MSDS use