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Viridian – the leading brand of ethical vitamins
Thank you for taking the time to read this – you are about to find out why Ethical Consumer magazine named Viridian‘Best Buy’ in its recent review of vitamins, and how you can help make a real difference by purchasing from the Viridian range of vitamins, minerals, herbs, amino acids and nutritional oils. At Viridian, they go to great lengths to find the best ingredients for their products. They have an efficient recycling programme for their glass bottles. In addition, they give 50% of available profit to charity.

Charity donations
This means that, after paying all of the overhead costs and investing back in their growing company, Viridian takes the money left over and gives a minimum of 50% to charity. Just so you know, since Viridian’s launch in 2000, the company has committed more than £60,000 to a selection of environmental, children’s and other charities including – NSPCC, Friends of the Earth, Childline, National Deaf Children’s Society, Amnesty International, Barnado’s, The Variety Club, Orangutan Foundation, RSPB, Shelter, Terrence Higgins Trust and the Woodland Trust.

Green business
Viridian is dedicated to making the company as green as possible and part of that commitment is taking responsibility for the environmental impact of our glass packaging. Their recycling programme is an oldfashioned idea, simply take the empty bottle back to the store where you bought it and we will recycle the bottle and give you R2.00 off your next purchase.

The raw materials for Viridian products are carefully sourced in order to obtain the best available ingredients. Wherever possible, they use organic ingredients to avoid the use of chemical sprays and artificial fertilisers. Just check out their labels to see that the capsules and powders simply include the ingredients listed on the label with no undesirable extras added during encapsulation. Viridian uses a green food blend of spirulina, bilberry and alfalfa as a natural filler for their capsules.

Viridian’s award-winning vitamins and herbs are excellent quality and cost no more than comparable, non-donating brands, found in the mass-market. So, by switching to Viridian, you not only get the best in nutrition, you also help to generate thousands for environmental and children’s charities. Everyone’s taking vitamins these days and what better way to take them than with a large dose of Viridian’s feelgood factor.