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Sasol Limited


PO Box 5486
South Africa

Tel: 011 441 3483/3597
Fax: 011 441 3469
Contact: Mrs Pamilla Mudhray

The Sasol Group comprises fuel and chemical manufacturing and marketing operations. These are complemented by coal mining as well as oil and gas exploration and production. Sasol converts coal into value-added synthetic fuels and chemicals through unique Fisher- Tropsch technology. The Group also refines crude oil into liquid fuels. Sasol employs more than 30 000 people globally.

Sasol is passionate about helping to create a better social and economic dispensation in our host communities, especially those that are disadvantaged or under resourced.

Our increasing commitment to corporate citizenship in our host communities is not limited to issues such as making donations, issuing handouts and earning accolades. More important, our commitment is about promoting human dignity and striving to elevate the quality of human life through dynamic, meaningful and sustainable partnerships.

Sasol is one of the foremost role players in the conservation of indigenous wildlife, and we have partnered with the Endangered Wild Life Trust to support the wild dogs and vultures. Our work through Corporate Social Investment programmes educate various sectors of our communities, to understand, respect and value our natural heritage. Communities are mobilised to ‘clean-up’ their environments through schools based clean up programmes and safer fire-making education programmes. Permaculture training and food gardening are an important part of our interventions in terms of ensuring food security. Young children are given the opportunity to attend nature camps and nature trails and programmes have been developed to give access to the environment by disabled people.