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Organic Zone


Shop 2 Lakeside Shopping Centre
Cnr Main and Putter Road

Tel: (021) 788 3133 [on Mondays & Tuesdays]
Cellphone: 076 303 8001
Contact: Allister McGregor

Organic Zone was established in 2003 as a box scheme. Over the years as the farm supply has improved, Organic Zone have moved away from the box scheme model to offer a "normal shop experience." Much has been done to ensure a daily supply of fresh produce, building on the essence of the box scheme. Organic Zone work directly with most farmers which allows them to have more control over the time from harvest to consumption. It also enables instant feedback. Every purchase at Organic Zone is valued, as it is facilitating the growth of an alternative market for farmers. This will in the long run ensure a better supply, increased range and a platform for many smaller businesses to have an avenue to sell their products. Organic Zone are trying to establish a system that results in a fair distribution of the selling price between farmer and retailer. Organic is not only about the way produce is grown, but how we do business with each other. Shop Trading Hours: Monday 09H30 - 18H00 Tuesday 09H00 - 18H00 Wednesday 09H00 - 18H00 Thursday 09H00 - 19H00 Friday 09H00 - 18H00 Saturday 09H00 - 14H00