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The National Association of Conservancies/Stewardships of South Africa (NACSSA)


National Association of Conservancies of SA
PO Box 916

Tel: 083 444 7649


The National Association of Conservancies of South Africa was established in August 2003 to promote community-driven conservation and to network with local and international bodies with similar aims. Its membership consists of two representatives from provincial conservancy associations plus co-opted members as needed. (Until all provinces have established their own conservancy associations, a representative from their provincial government conservation department will serve on NACSSA in the interim.)

What is a conservancy?
Definition of Conservancies (community-based conservation): A conservancy is a registered voluntary association between land users/owners who cooperatively wish to manage their natural resources in an environmentally sustainable manner without necessarily changing the land-use of their properties

To promote stewardship of natural resources at a community level.


  • To guide and support provincial associations in achieving their aims and maintaining consistency and focus.
  • To increase, challenge and change current awareness of, and approaches to conservation.
  • To promote an ethic that balances conservation, economic development and agriculture.
  • To ensure national and provincial legislation advances community-driven conservation initiatives. KwaZulu-Natal Conservancies Association is the oldest provincial association, founded in 1981. The Gauteng Conservancy Association was the second one, founded in February 2003. Associations also exist in North West Province and Northern Cape and Limpopo will soon be back on track with an Association once again.

The purpose of a Provincial Association is:

  • To gain recognition and support from the public, business and the government in order to conserve the province's natural resources.
  • To join forces with other conservation bodies to solve environmental problems.
  • To actively encourage the involvement and growth of all communities within their conservancies.
  • To develop a strong, united voice for conservation in the province.
  • To encourage formation of more rural, urban and industrial conservancies in the province.
  • To give support to and network with conservancies in the province and throughout South Africa by sharing information and resources through cooperation and liaison with NACSSA.
  • To raise awareness among members, resident non-members and the public of the need to conserve our natural resources.

NACSSA meets twice yearly, rotating amongst the various Associations with the aim of sharing information and ideas to the benefit of the broader conservancy movement bringing together like-minded people and organisations.

For information, email

NACSA has an office in the Thorntree Conservancy in Gauteng.

John Wesson:
083 444 7649 |
Vice Chairman:
Trafford Petterson:
082 371 5354 |
John Wesson:
012 504 1408 | 083 444 7649 |
Ivan Parkes: 084 590 2312 |

Additional Contacts:

Provincial Representatives

Eastern Cape Conservancy Association
Elizabeth Rautenbach:

Free State
Duart Hugo: 051 4004 829

Gauteng Conservancy Association
Ivan Parkes: 016 5902312 | 084 590 2312 |

KwaZulu-Natal Conservancy Association
Malcolm Stainbank | 083 781 1130

Limpopo Conservancy Association
Pauline Stacey:

Mpumalanga Conservancy Association

North West Conservancy Association
John Wesson: 083 444 7649 |

Northern Cape
Dr Vicky Ahlmann: 082 446 0548 |

Western Cape
Nora Sperling-Thiel:

NACSSA Secretary