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Melis & Du Plessis Consulting Engineers (Pty) Limited


PO Box 71
Somerset Mall
Somerset West

Tel: 021 851 2010
Fax: 021 852 2055
Contact: Mr Louis Melis - Managing Director

Melis & Du Plessis Consulting Engineers (Pty) Limited are a specialised firm of Consulting Engineers specialising in the fields of Geotechnical Engineering and Engineering Geology. We have been practising for some 22 years and operate both nationally and regionally in Southern Africa from offices in Somerset West in the Helderberg substructure of the Cape Town Metropolitan Council. Our field of expertise lies with all aspects of Civil Engineering and Building Design and Construction where there is an interface with or within the ground. We undertake investigations and detailed assessments of sites which range from infrastructure for township developments and low cost housing through to foundations for large structures, material assessment for road construction, slope stability evaluations, dams and tunnels.

Support services are provided by our fully owned and independent Melis & Du Plessis Soil and Rock Laboratory which is equipped to undertake specialised testing for the identification of problem soils which is of fundamental importance when assessing the suitability of sites for housing and infrastructural developments. In this regard Melis & Du Plessis are registered with the NHBRC for undertaking terrain classifications for housing developments.

Melis & Du Plessis have been involved either as specialists or as Consulting Engineers in their right, often as members of design consortia, and have participated in many prestigious civil engineering projects undertaken in southern Africa during this period. These include the Tunnels and Dams of the Lesotho Highlands Water Project, the Mossgas Project and the Rehabilitation of Chapman?s Peak Drive.