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JSE Limited


Private Bag X991174
South Africa

Tel: 011 520 7010
Fax: 011 520 8604
Contact: Ms Nicky Newton-King

The JSE is a licensed securities exchange that plays a central role in commercial and economic development of Southern Africa. The JSE facilitates the channelling of funds from investors to companies in search of capital, in the process creating wealth, jobs and economic possibilities. The JSE is the 17th largest exchange in the world by market capitalisation and an active member of the World Federation of Exchanges.

Like any securities exchange, the JSE fulfils two functions:

  • As a primary market to facilitate raising of new capital by businesses through the sale of shares to investors upon listing. This is a fresh issue of shares sometimes referred to as an initial public offering;
  • As a secondary market for the subsequent trading of those shares. The JSE provides an orderly market to facilitate the secondary trade of listed securities between buyers and sellers, in terms of the rules and regulation of the JSE, with due protection for all parties concerned.
As part of the service, the JSE also sells data relating to trading which can be used for investment decisions. A wide range of financial instruments are traded on the JSE: shares, warrants, financial and agricultural futures and options contracts, interest rate products and Exchange Traded Funds.