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Institute of Directors South Africa (IODSA)


2nd Floor
25 Wellington Street
South Africa

Tel: 011 430 9900
Contact: Tony Dixon

IoD's Global Footprint

  • Established in London in 1903 to enable leaders in business, government and civil society to interact at the highest level
  • Assists such leaders to increase their knowledge, expertise and skill at board level
  • Has developed global affiliates and associates around the world
  • South Africa established in 1960 also to assist business, government and civil society leaders to interact at the highest level on a personal basis
  • Supports the NEPAD initiative in regards to spreading the vision of good corporate governance throughout Africa.
Custodian of Corporate Governance - IoD SA
  • IoD originator, copyright holder and secretariat for the first King Report on Corporate Governance for South Africa - 1994
  • IoD originator, copyright holder and secretariat for the King Report on corporate governance for South Africa - 2002
  • Contributed to Public Finance Management Act (PFMA) 2000
  • Contributed to commonwealth Association Guidelines for Corporate Governance - 2000
2000IoD Board Services - Underpins IoD King II Recommendations
  • Demand for IoD Board Learning Programmes has increased dramatically since 2001. These provide practical guidance on the focus and the priorities of boards
  • IoD facilitates board and individual director appraisals in both private and public sectors
  • The IoD assists Chairpersons in constructing balanced boards including identifying credible and competent non-executive directors
  • IoD increases its focus on Section 21 companies, Trusts, foundations and SMEs
Working ethically, professionally and effectively
For many years the Institute of Directors in Southern Africa has been at the heart of the debate about director's roles and responsibilities and has provided guidance on the way in which companies and organisations can flourish and work professionally, ethically and effectively.