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Green Trust (The)


Private Bag X2
Die Boord
Western Cape
South Africa

Tel: 021 8882800
Fax: 021 888 2888
Contact: Ms Thérèse Brinkcate

The Green Trust was founded in October 1990. It is a subsidiary of WWF South Africa (World Wide Fund for Nature) in a mutual benefit partnership with Nedbank who donate an annual sum to the Trust through the use of Nedbank’s green affinity cheque books, credit cards and savings accounts. The Trust funds a broad range of practical and sustainable conservation projects with a focus on community-based conservation.

The Trust aims to protect the unique biological diversity of southern Africa and to counter some of the adverse effects of a rapidly growing population – such as air and water pollution, soil erosion, the destruction of grasslands and woodlands and the demise of endangered species. By emphasising the direct involvement of local people in conservation activities, The Green Trust undertakes to encourage communities to care for their own environments and to rehabilitate where environmental damage has already occurred.