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African Institute of Corporate Citizenship



Tel: +265 1 775 787

The African Institute of Corporate Citizenship (AICC) is a nongovernmental organisation committed to promoting responsible growth and competitiveness in Africa by changing the way companies do business in Africa.

AICC?s long-term goals are to ensure:

  • Responsible growth and competitiveness throughout Africa .
  • Corporate Citizenship is an integral part of how companies do business in Africa.
  • Transparency in companies? interaction with governments.
  • Non-financial reporting is as important as financial reporting.
  • Governments play a role in ensuring corporate accountability in Africa.
  • South Africa adopts the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises.
  • Corporate Citizenship becomes part of the curriculum at business schools throughout Africa.
  • International standards on Corporate Citizenship support the African context and promote responsible business and competitiveness.

Core AICC programmes include:

  • The Africa Corporate Sustainability Forum
    The Africa Corporate Sustainability Forum is a multi-stakeholder platform providing an opportunity for business to discuss and action corporate sustainability policy and practice in Africa.
  • The Centre for Sustainability Investing
    The Centre for Sustainable Investing aims to drive sustainability, corporate governance, value propositions, and innovation in the African financial sectors. This is based on a clear understanding of the need to develop a centre that deals exclusively with sustainability issues in the finance sector in Africa.
  • Competitiveness and Innovation
    Competitiveness and Innovation seeks to promote competitive sustainability advantage for companies, organisations, sectors and countries through innovation and leadership. Corporate Citizenship practices need to constantly evolve if not to become irrelevant in our everchanging society. However, evolution doesn?t happen unguided. Competitiveness and innovation tend to steer and guide the evolution of Corporate Citizenship practices on the African continent.
  • ReportCom
    ReportCom provides a platform for research, engagement and knowledge exchange on sustainability reporting, accountability and assurance. AICC has several years of experience with issues regarding sustainability reporting, assurance models, management rating etc. AICC has decided to focus this experience in a programme area called ReportCom.