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Eagle Encounters


Spier Wine Farm

Baden Powell Drive (R310) 



Tel: 021 858 1826
Contact: Tracy Chalmers


Our core function is raptor rehabilitation. As one of the few bird of prey centres in South Africa with the knowledge and expertise to treat rescued raptors from admission to release, our primary objective is to reintroduce healthy and self-sustainable candidates to the wild.

Raptors play a crucial role in sustaining a balanced ecoystem. Knowledge is a key element in their conservation. Eagle Encounters is but one link in a chain of organisations striving for the welfare of raptors. We utilise non-releasable ambassadors in unique, interactive edutainment demonstrations, to promote awareness in our various community outreach and eco-tourism programmes.

Proud winner of the Caltex/Cape Times Environmental Award, Eagle Encounters is a selffunded non-profit organisation that is striving to make a difference.