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Africa Earth Observatory Network


Geological Extension Building
Ring Road, Upper Campus
University of Cape Town
Cape Town
South Africa

Tel: +27 41 504-2277
Cellphone: 082 705 9072
Contact: Dr Moctar Doucoure - COO

AEON is a multi-disciplinary, interinstitutional and international Earth Systems Science centre in Africa, with a strong capacity-building component. AEON is based in the Faculty of Science at the University of Cape Town.

AEON studies co-evolution of Earth, ocean and life systems to calculate the resilience of the environment and its natural capital; to redefine resource economics; and to develop and implement the new endeavour of Earth Stewardship Science.

Retrace Africa?s Earth and its life to establish a reliable framework that differentiates natural variability from changes caused by humans, and with which to facilitate planning for the future.

Additional Contacts:

Dr Moctar Doucoure
Tel.: +27(0)21 650 4334
Cell: +27(0)82 705 9072
Fax: +27(0)21 650 4915