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Chemical Emergency Coordinating Services / Wilbrink & Associates

PO Box 119
South Africa

Tel: 031 266 9035
Fax: 031 266 5613
Contact: Frans Wilbrink – Owner

Chemical Emergency Coordinating Services is a 24-hour service that takes over the coordination and safe cleanup of any chemical spill or accident on behalf of their clients, thus freeing the client’s staff from having to attend to these emergencies.

We guarantee immediate response, eliminating delays that are normally associated with an emergency, thus reducing the negative impact it may have on the environmental and the public.

Wilbrink and Associates is a technical management consulting firm operating in conjunction with CECS, nationally. It is involved in the following activities:

  • Conducting Risk Assessments as per regulation No. 5 of the hazardous Chemical Substances Regulations of the OH&S Act (85 of 1993)
  • Conducting environmental monitoring programmes such as air monitoring, noise surveys, heat stress monitoring, ventilation surveys, stack emission monitoring, etc
  • Conducting Environmental Impact Assessments
  • Improving safety through safety audits, training and by compiling safety manuals and safety talks
  • Conducting accident/incident investigations
  • Classification of hazardous locations of factories for determining i.e. type of equipment required
  • Assisting companies complying with the various Acts and Regulations such as the OH&S Act, Road Transportation Act, Atmospheric Pollution Prevention Act, etc.
  • Acting as an Arbitrator in disputes involving chemicals.