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Centre for Wildlife Management

Hatfield Experimental Farm
University of Pretoria
South Street
Private bag X20
South Africa

Tel: 012 420 2627
Fax: 012 420 6096
Contact: LD van Essen – Lecturer

After 39 years of qualifying leaders in the field of conservation and wildlife management the Centre for Wildlife Management, University of Pretoria, is a globally respected provider of exceptional quality wildlife management training, relevant and applicable consultancy, as well as research services in wildlife management.

Wildlife management and conservation experience have been developed in the private, as well as the public sector at international, national, regional and local levels.

The Centre aspires in developing appropriate and cost-effective wildlife management solutions of the highest international standard, within the African and developing country context.

The Centre for Wildlife Management continuously strives to:

  • be recognised, locally and internationally for teaching and research on wildlife management and biodiversity conservation,
  • maintain a focus relevant to Africa and southern Africa in particular, with regard to biodiversity conservation in the context of sustainable human development.