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Greyton Transition Town


Greyton EcoLodge

2 Park Street

Greyton 7233 


Cellphone: 0825587752
Contact: Nicola Vernon

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The community of Greyton and neighbouring villages has come together to find local solutions to the global challenges of peak oil and climate change.

As one, the community is addressing food security, recycling and waste management, halting environmental degradation, renewable energy, sustainable housing, environmental awareness and humane education. Projects to tackle these issues include: working with children to create a school garden in each of the six local schools; providing an environmental awareness eco-crew programme for children aged 8 - 18 years to teach them about growing vegetables, clearing up their community, managing waste, appreciating and understanding their environment; researching affordable renewable energy installations for each home as well as large scale solutions for public buildings; rolling out humane education in all schools to foster empathy and kindness towards animals, each other, teachers, family and the planet; creating sustainable green businesses to provide employment and entrepreneurial opportunities; bringing local architects and homeless people together to design and build sustainable housing; running four swop shops to bring food and other essentials to the most needy in return for clean, dry, recyclable waste; supporting local farmers to convert to organic and supply local markets.