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Augrabies Falls National Park


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The 55 383 hectares on both the northern and southern sides of the Orange River provide sanctuary to a diversity of species, from the very smallest succulents, birds and reptiles to Hartmann's mountain zebra, springbok, gemsbok and giraffe.

The key attraction is the 56m Augrabies Waterfall situated on the Orange River. The Khoi people called it ‘Aukoerebis’, or place of Great Noise, as this powerful flow of water is unleashed from rocky surroundings characterised by the 18km abyss of the Orange River Gorge, says the SANParks Website.

 Five things to do


  • View the Augrabies Falls and gorges
  • Take a walk to Moon Rock - a massive exfoliation dome or whaleback - a prominnet landmark in the park. 
  • Look for Verreaux's (Black Eagles from Pranjekon and Ararat viewpoints. 
  • Searth for small creatures such as the Cape clawless otter, hyrax (dassies) and Broadley's flat Lizzard.
  • Take a drive to Echo Corner and listen to your echo!
Stay in a chalet, family cottage or campsite. CLICK HERE for more.  

 Information from the SANParks Website