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City of Cape Town - Water Demand Management, Water Services Directorate

PO Box 16549
Western Cape
South Africa

Tel: 021 487 2911
Fax: 021 487 2592
Contact: Cathrine Wilson – Media and Communications Coordinator

With an estimated population of 3.2 million, the City Of Cape Town?s Water Services Directorate is the largest vertically integrated Water Utility in South Africa, serving the largest number of connections. Water connections throughout the metro total approximately 590 000 to formal erven and approximately 100 000 informal sites, the total annual consumption of potable water is approximately 300 million Kls and annual wastewater treatment is close to 193 million Kls.

Water tariffs in the City are relatively low compared to other metros, and CCT led the way with the implementation of free basic water (6Kl/month) and free basic sanitation (4.2 Kl/month). Together with affordable tariff increases the provision of free basic water assists in alleviating poverty and ensures the poor are able to afford the cost of water for basic human consumption needs.

Additional Contacts:

8th Floor
38 Wale Street
Cape Town
Western Cape
South Africa