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The Green Times

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Cellphone: 0848682908
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Contact: Elma Pollard

South Africa's Green News Portal!

Are you concerned and excited about the greening of our society? The Green Times is your news portal. Use our GREEN CALENDAR to know what's happening - attend, be informed and spread this crucial education wherever you go. SUBSCRIBE to our fortnightly e-newspaper and consistently learn how to green up all aspects of your life and work. Become a green leader in our society transitioning towards a sustainable future. For there's no time to waste. If you'd like daily news, follow us on FACEBOOK or TWITTER.

Our E-NEWSPAPER has been sent to a national mailing list monthly for the past 5 years. We are so happy to communicate with 20 000 unique readers per month now. Join the upsurge of innovation, learning and sharing. If you're living creatively within these challenging times, don't keep it to yourself. Send us your news. If you are offering green products or services, join our GREEN DIRECTORY. If you want to learn to write for the earth - and she needs you - join our WRITE FOR EARTH course and contribute from wherever you are. This is a green community for anyone interested in creating a new world of respect for Earth and all her creatures.