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Entilini Concession (PTY) LTD


PO Box 8259
South Africa

Tel: 011 495 2222
Fax: 011 495 2473/2
Contact: Mr Nic Meyer

Entilini Concession (Pty) Ltd is the company formed for the reconstruction of Chapman’s Peak Drive and its operation under a Public Private Partnership concession with the Provincial Government of the Western Cape.

Chapman’s Peak Drive is bounded by the Table Mountain National Park and is a major facility available for experiencing the natural environment of the Cape Peninsula.

Of particular note in the reconstruction of Chapman’s Peak Drive was the use of rockfall modelling to predict the path of falling boulders to optimally position rockfall safety fences and the construction of open fronted protection structures and low height masonry walling to enhance the visitor’s viewing experience. A feature of the construction phase was the propagation of endemic plants from seed harvested from the area and the rescue of thousands of plants from the work area for replanting as the final item of construction.

The operations phase includes the maintenance of rockfall safety systems, traffic management systems and ongoing maintenance of roadside vegetation and management of picnic sites. Local communities are engaged through equity and developmental assistance

Chapman’s Peak Drive forms part of the route for the famous Two Oceans road running marathon and the Argus Cycle Tour. Numerous film shoots are conducted on it every year but the activity is hardly noticeable against the grandeur of the mountains to the East and the steep cliffs falling to the ocean in the West. There is always space for tranquillity and connecting with nature close by.