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WWF South Africa

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WWF-SA is an effective independent organisation dedicated to the conservation of nature. We focus on the prevention of degradation of the South African natural environment, the conservation of biodiversity and the sustainable use of natural resources. This is achieved through financing, networking, programme management and project development by engaging effectively with strategic partners to access and share resources.

WWF-SA has initiated new projects every year since it was founded. Many of these run for several years and a few have run for as long as WWF-SA has existed. At present fewer projects are being initiated each year than was the case in the early 1990s, and this trend is expected to continue, with larger, more effective projects being selected ever more carefully. WWF-SA is currently supporting some 150 projects organised into 9 programmes that focus on international and national priorities. These are Marine, Freshwater, Grasslands, Fynbos, Conservation, Education, Succulent Karoo, Forests, Species and Climate Change.

Applications for funding are carefully screened and projects are scientifically evaluated by experts in the respective field. As the scale of environmental demands is enormous, projects which will have the greatest ripple effect, and those which have long-term sustainability will be favoured. In considering projects for support, WWF-SA gives particular preference to exemplary, innovative, catalytic projects in order to optimise its limited resources.