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Heal the Planet by Living a Sustainable Lifestyle - 21 September 2007

Our sick planet deserves our immediate action. This is according to The 11th Hour, a documentary narrated and produced by Leonardo di Caprio, recently presented as an exclusive preview by the Natural & Organic Products Exhibition (The movie is not scheduled to open in South Africa until 16 November, 2007).

Using a compelling collage of images and commentary from more than 50 leading scientists, thinkers and leaders, the film points to the opportunity for the current generation to help heal the planet. While warning viewers that we have a limited amount of time in order to repair our damaged environment, The 11th Hour offers a message of hope.

Exploring how humanity has arrived at its ‘11th hour’ – or the last moment when change is possible – the film outlines how mankind’s activities during its short time on the planet have disrupted the delicate balance that makes life on Earth possible, as well as what we can do to reduce our impact on the environment.

“The 11th Hour is a call to action to reconsider how we live and what we eat; all to the benefit of our planet,” observes David Wolstenholme, Exhibition Director. “We have a shared responsibility - wherever we live and whatever we do – to live sustainable lifestyles.”

Sustainable living means balancing today's needs with the needs of future generations of life on the Earth. It is a deliberate lifestyle choice characterised by personal responsibility, appropriate use of technologies, cooperative economics, individual resourcefulness and simply consuming less. Effectively, sustainable living involves an attitude that we are all stewards of the environment who have a responsibility to live in harmony with Nature, something that has been upset since the start of the industrial revolution.

Fortunately, South Africans are the most concerned about climate change and its effects, according to a recent survey by Synovate among respondents in 21 countries. It would follow then that local consumers are open to various lifestyle changes to improve the health of our planet and encourage others to do the same.

Anticipating the desire of many South Africans to learn how to lighten their ecological footprint, the fourth annual Natural & Organic Products Exhibition, taking place at the Cape Town International Convention Centre from 12-14 October, will feature more than 250 exhibitors to educate and assist consumers looking to ‘go green.’

Now South Africa’s largest authentic natural and organic forum, the Exhibition will provide a wide range of natural and organic food, cosmetics and body care products, as well as cleaning materials, building technologies, eco-fashions and home textiles for living a more sustainable lifestyle. The exhibition will also feature a Lifestyle Stage programme with more than 50 presentations, workshops and shows, plus an Organic Wine Garden, Conscious Cooking Corner and a Love Fresh Love Local food pavilion. “

Now is the time to take some simple steps to change the way we live in order to meaningfully rehabilitate the Earth,” adds Wolstenholme.

The Natural & Organic Products Exhibition hours are 10:00 – 18:00 (Friday), 10:00 – 19:00 (Saturday), and 10:00 - 17:00 (Sunday).
Admission is R40. Children under 12 get in free.
For more information, visit