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Vote Now for your Favourite Green Building - VISI Local Architecutre Survey - 12 September 2007

VISI proudly supports South African design and, in celebration of our local green architecture, you are invited to vote for your preferred building from the 12 showcased here and in our latest issue.

Global warming has us all sweating, so it is with good reason that the buzzword of the moment in the building industry is ‘green’.

Following the success of the 2005 and 2006 campaigns, VISI magazine, in conjunction with the South African Institute of Architects (SAIA), is conducting the third annual South African Architecture Survey – giving you the chance to express your thoughts on the way we live now.

VISI has, in association with the regional SAIA presidents, identified 12 of South Africa’s foremost green buildings. Cast your vote for your favourite on our website. The results will be announced on Monday 1 October, to coincide with World Architecture Day.

Before you start voting, a word on green buildings from VISI:

Green buildings are environmentally friendly, energy efficient and use less of the earth’s valuable resources, as their very design focuses on their environmental impact.

Green buildings address temperature control so that less energy is needed to keep the building cool or warm, and wherever possible, use is made of local skill and materials during the building process. Solar power, wind power (or even power sourced from refuse material), utilisation of recycled materials and restricting the use of eco-damaging materials are examples of good green building practices.

In short: green buildings are safer and healthier, have a low impact on the environment and align with the principles of sustainable development.