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Gandhi's wheel generating electricity - 12 September 2008

:: PressTV

An innovative spinning wheel in India's northwestern Rajasthan not only spins yarn but also generates electricity, a report says.

The hand driven spinning wheel while in motion generates electricity and sufficiently charges the attached battery to supply energy for 6-7 hours to rural homes.

After more than six decades of independence the Khadi and Village Industries Commission (KVIC) thought of the dual use of the spinning wheel.

The inspiration of making the e-charkha (spinning wheel) with an attached battery came as inhabitants of India's villages were fighting with perpetual electricity failures.

E-charkha is designed by a follower of Mahatma Gandhi's philosophy Ekambar Nath. It was Mahatma Gandhi, Father of the Indian nation, who promoted the charkha (the spinning wheel) during the freedom struggle as a symbol of self-reliance and source of income for the rural population, ANI reported.

The spinning of thread on the e-charkha for two hours powers the attached battery sufficient to light up the specially designed LED light fitted to the e-charkha for eight hours.

"The advantage of electric spinning wheel to the housewife is that spinning the wheel for two hours charges the attached battery sufficient to energize domestic lights for 6-7 hours. While doing her daily work she can use this light. There is no need for kerosene lamps which pollute the environment," said Babulal Sharma, Manager, Khadi and Village Industries Commission (KVIC), Jatwara.

These e-charkhas which cost some 9,000 rupees (USD 197) have been distributed free of cost to the villagers of Jatwara under a scheme Funds for Regeneration of Traditional Industries, SFURTI sponsored by the federal government.