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eta Awards - 23 August 2007

Rewarding energy efficiency in all sectors
Eskom and the Department of Minerals and Energy are calling for entries and nominations for the 2007 eta Awards. Entries close on the 12 September 2007. eta is the Greek symbol for efficiency, hence the name of the Awards, which aim to reward the proven application of sound energy efficiency principles in the commercial, industrial, residential, agricultural and education sectors. Given the significant emphasis placed on energy efficiency by the government of SA, the Minister of Minerals and Energy is the official patron of the eta Awards.

The eta Awards is an annual event sponsored by Eskom, and it has been running for the past 17 years. The purpose of the eta Awards is to promote the more efficient use of energy and to improve business competitiveness. The awards are granted for exceptional effort in promoting the more efficient use of energy. Energy efficiency is part of Eskom's drive to ensure a sustainable electricity supply into the future.

Why is energy efficiency so important?
- The more electricity we use, the more electricity needs to be generated. The result is that more power stations need to be built. By using electricity wisely, the consumer helps to keep costs down.
- South Africa's natural resources will not last forever. The growing population and accompanying demands on our energy resources have a severe impact on the country's natural resources.
- The environment will benefit from the efficient use of energy. For example, every kilowatt-hour of electricity saved means a savings of 1.4 litres of one less kilogram of carbon dioxide generated by a power station and released into the atmosphere.

The panel of judges and organisers of the eta Awards undertake to handle all entries in the strictest confidence and not to disclose any confidential information on entries to any party.

For further information please contact:
Khotso Moabi ~ 011 800 2251 or
Charmaine Appenah ~ 011 504 4000 or