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EARTH DAY 2008 - 21 April 2008

Earth Day is held yearly on 22 April to promote awareness of and appreciation for Earth's environmental issues.

It is an opportunity to celebrate Planet Earth. Earth Day is celebrated around the world by people of all backgrounds regardless of race, gender, nationality or faith. It is an occasion for the world's citizens to commit to building a safer, healthier, cleaner, sustainable world.

Earth Day is a global movement to highlight and address environmental issues. These are just some of the major environmental issues our Planet faces:

  • the greenhouse effect and global warming;
  • destructive energy sources versus sustainable alternate energy sources;
  • toxic waste and ways of effective, efficient responsible waste management;
  • groundwater contamination, abuse of water resources, wetland destruction, and pollution of waterways and the oceans;
  • the impact of litter on our water resources and on ecosystems;
  • overfishing and unsustainable fishing of our seas and oceans;
  • destruction of rainforests;
  • expanding deserts.

Because we humans caused the problems Earth now faces, it is our responsibility to find solutions.

Earth Day is a platform to conscientise citizens on what we can do to make a difference and to encourage people to get involved and do something to make a difference. If we each do something the collective effort will make a big difference not only to South Africa but worldwide.

The first Earth Day was held on April 22, 1970. It is believed that this was the start of the modern environmental movement. More on the history of Earth Day.

Here are ideas for celebrating and honouring Earth Day

  • Find out more about protecting the environment.
  • Wear a green ribbon.
  • Wear green clothing.
  • Organise a community or school clean-up (liaise with your local municipality in advance to arrange for collection if there are a lot of extra bags).
  • Make a donation to an environmental or conservation organisation.
  • Plant a tree or indigenous plants.
  • Take a walk in an environmentally friendly area and enjoy being outdoors.
  • Organise a hike with friends.
  • Set green goals for yourself.
  • Make a Pledge. Pledge to make a greening difference in your home, school or office.
  • Select a number of steps you can take in your home to save resources.
  • Decide to set up a recycling programme at home or the office.
  • Create an email that you send to friends and colleagues informing them of your commitment and encourage them to do so to.
  • Create a communal "pledge board" where people can write their environmental pledge for the year e.g."I will turn off the lights when I leave the room", "I will turn off the water while shaving or brushing my teeth".
  • Write an Earth Day article for your local newspaper, or for your business/community newsletter.
  • Create a community food garden.

Take a photo of what you've done and submit to GreenWorks to post a collage of Earth Day events

For more Earth Day Celebration ideas visit the Greenworks website:

[ Source: Greenworks ]