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Touching the Earth Lightly

3 Belmont Road
Kalk Bay
Cape Town

Tel: 021 788 4183
Cellphone: 083 229 1821
Fax: 021 788 4183
Contact: Stephen Lamb

We aim to create jobs and conserve the natural world by exploring synergies between the needs of people and the conservation needs of our planet.

We rely on creativity, passion and innovative thinking to achieve this.

Our work expresses a relationship between humans and the earth based on custodianship, sensitivity and respect.

Our efforts celebrate shared values between like-minded human beings - people who recognize ethical co-existence between people and nature as being a requirement for the survival of life on this planet.

We operate within a set of guideline principles. These principles are founded in over 15 years of successful project management experience in conservation and job creation in Southern Africa, for which we have received numerous awards.