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Mondi Wetlands Programme


PO Box 338
South Africa

Tel: 012 667 6597
Fax: 012 667 5720
Contact: Mr David Lindley

The Mondi Wetlands Programme has changed the face of wetland conservation in South Africa forever by pioneering the conservation of wetlands outside protected areas. Over the past decade the Mondi Wetlands Programme (MWP) has also moved wetlands conservation from a side issue to centre stage and even inspired central government to pledge millions for wetland conservation. MWP works nationally to conserve wetlands outside declared nature reserves. Most of the country's wetlands lie outside protected areas so MWP-s interventions are of vital importance.

MWP promotes the wise use, rehabilitation and sustainable management of palustrine wetlands - these are predominantly wet meadows, marshes and floodplain wetlands. MWP's interventions take place at both grassroots and political decision-making levels: it works with commercial farmers, government agricultural and conservation extension services, historically disadvantaged rural communities, and key decision-makers nationally.