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Madecasse Organic Chocolate


Cellphone: 084 3366383
Contact: Andrea Jenkins

100% African - Madagascan from bean to bar


Madécasse has succeeded in producing an award-winning chocolate that has received critical acclaim in virtually every market it is sold. Madécasse was founded on the idea that it was possible to develop a chocolate business that was of the highest international quality while benefitting the local community in which it operated. From its humble beginnings to its current position, Madécasse has consistently succeeded on both counts.

Madagascar is blessed with having the top 15% of cacao in the world. Through a tremendously positive business ethos, Madécasse cultivates strong farmer relationships built on trust, understanding, and shared values. In doing so, the Company is able to source the finest superior quality cacao beans in Madagascar while providing local benefits that are more than 4x the impact of Fair Trade. The fully cured cacao beans are transported from northern Madagascar to the production facility located in Antananarivo, the capital of Madagascar.

The factory processes the cacao beans according to strict certification standards. Many of the recipes are unique to Madagascar where key ingredients are sourced. The result of this detailed approach to chocolate making is one of the finest quality chocolates in the world. Our process of bean-to-bar in Madagascar is one that has earned us international praise from food critics, at chocolate shows, and in various publications of note. Once the chocolate has been manufactured it is hand-wrapped and prepared for export. The Company continues to participate along the supply chain all the way to the customer to ensure the high quality standards are maintained.